1. Phil. (Business Management)
  2. Introduction:

Graduate School of Management Studies, Gujarat Technological University seeks to get the best scholars to join its Research Programs. It is particularly helpful, if students who have obtained an M. Phil. (Business Management) Degree intend to carry out Doctoral Research in India or abroad. If the student has successfully completed M. Phil., it is even more helpful and productive as this research work can immediately build a strong base for Doctoral Thesis.

  1. Objectives of the Course:

  • To provide understanding of advanced research in the field of Management.
  • To train the scholars in sequential research activities in the field of interest and thereby, induce in them the passion for research and development.
  • To  provide   project  training  extending   into  advanced  research   and  hence  enabling   scholars to emerge as competent researchers in areas that will be helpful in developing social integrity.

  1. Eligibility for Admission

3.1 Candidates for admission to the M. Phil. programme shall have a Master’s Degree in Business Administration or a professional degree declared equivalent to the Master’s Degree by the corresponding statutory regulatory body, with at least 55% marks in aggregate or its equivalent grade ‘B’ in the UGC 7-point scale (or an equivalent grade in a point scale wherever grading system is followed) or an equivalent degree from a foreign educational Institution accredited by an Assessment and Accreditation Agency which is approved, recognized or authorized by an authority, established or incorporated under a law in its home country or any other statutory authority in the country for the purpose of assessing, accrediting or assuring quality and standards of educational institutions.

3.2 A relaxation of 5% of marks, from 55% to 50%, or an equivalent relaxation of grade, may be allowed for those belonging to SC/ST/OBC (non-creamy layer)/Differently-Abled and other categories of candidates as per the decision of the commission from time to time, or for those who had obtained their Master’s degree prior to 19th September, 1991. The eligibility marks of 55% (or an equivalent grade in a point scale wherever grading system is followed) and the relaxation of 5% to the categories mentioned above are permissible based only on the qualifying marks (not including the grace marks procedures).

  1. Course Intake:

The M. Phil Program has intake of 10 seats for each academic year. However, based on the seats available with the supervisors of Graduate School of Management Studies at the time of admission process, the scholars will be enrolled in the program.

  1. Reservation

Reservation will be as per the provision of Government norms. In case, the reserved seats get vacant, the same will be converted to General category candidates.

  1. Admission Process

6.1 Admission to the M. Phil. Programme will be given on recommendation of the Admission Committee of ‘Graduate School of Management Studies’, GTU. There are two steps to get Admission in the M. Phil. Program. (A) Entrance Test (Qualifying Exam) and (B) Personal Interview/Viva Voce. The merit will be based on marks scored by students in Personal Interview (PI)/ VIVA VOCE conducted by GTU.

6.2 The selected candidates will be admitted to the M.Phil. Programme after they fulfil all the admission requirements set by the University and after payment of the prescribed fees.

6.3 The candidates who have cleared NET (National Eligibility Test)/GSET (Gujarat State Eligibility Test) examination under Management Subject are exempted from the Entrance test. Candidate has to provide certificate of NET/GSET at the time of application.  These candidates will have to appear for Viva Voce/Personal Interview directly.

6.4 In all matters relating to admission to the M.Phil. Programme, the decision of the University and its interpretation given by the higher authority of the University shall be final.

6.5 If at any time after admission, it is found that a candidate has not fulfilled any of the requirements stipulated by the University, the admission of the candidate may be revoked with the information/approval to the Academic Council.

  1. Structure of ET & PI

7.1 The Entrance Test will be conducted for all eligible candidates. The test is in the form of Multiple Choice Questions. There will be 100 Multiple Choice Questions (MCQs) in the test. Each question shall carry four options out of which candidate has to select one correct option. The questions would be based on Research Methodology, Subject Knowledge, Aptitude Test, Reasoning and English Language Proficiency. The test format would be equal to NET (National Eligibility Test) exam of UGC. There will be no negative marking for wrong answers. The candidate has to secure 50% marks to qualify for the Viva Voce/Presentation.

7.2 The Graduate School of Management Studies, GTU will call all the candidates who appeared in ET and declared qualified or who are NET/GSET qualified for personal interview/ Viva Voce. Final merit list will be prepared on the bases of the marks scored by the candidate in Personal Interview/Viva Voce. During the personal interview/viva voce, candidates have to make a presentation for 10-15 minutes on the topic of their choice. Based on the performance during the presentation and question answer session, the marks will be allocated to candidate. The candidate will be evaluated on the bases of Communication Skills, Content of the Presentation, Domain Knowledge, General Awareness about the topic of presentation and Handling of Questions. The candidate who has not appeared in Entrance Test (except NET/GSET qualified) are not eligible to appear in Personal Interview

7.3 Final merit list will be prepared considering the final marks of Personal Interview/Viva Voce. The admission to M. Phil. program will be given on this final merit only.

  1. Duration and span of the course:

8.1 The course will be of one year duration divided into two semesters.

8.2 8.2 The candidate once registered for M. Phil. in Business Management degree shall be allowed maximum two trials to pass theory subjects and dissertation within a period of two years from the date of his/her admission to M. Phil. in Business Management degree course.

8.3 The term end examination for theory papers and evaluation of dissertation will be done once in an Academic year.

8.4 The women candidate and persons with disability (more than 40% disability) may be allowed an additional one year over and above the maximum duration. In addition, the women candidate will be provided Maternity Leave/Child Care Leave once in the entire duration of M. Phil. for up to 240 days

8.5 The extension of one year in the maximum duration to all the candidates to complete the M. Phil. course may be given on the special permission granted by Honorable Vice Chancellor.

  1.  Structure of Program

9.1 The programme is divided into two semesters. In first semester a scholar has to study four subjects and in second semester he/she has to carry out Minor Research and has to submit Dissertation within the stipulated time to be eligible to appear in the Viva Voce at the end of semester.

9.2 The credits of the entire course are 24 which are divided into two semesters. Each theory subject carries 4 credits and dissertation carries 8 credits.

9.3 The academic year begins in August and covers a period of 40 weeks divided into two semesters. Each semester is of approximately 20 weeks.

9.4 Teaching and Evaluation Scheme

 Semester – I
Sr. No. Subject C E M I V TM
1 Business Research Methods 4 70 30 50 150
2 Recent Advances in Management Education: India vis-à-vis Global Scenario 4 70 30 50 150
3 Leadership Development & Team Building 4 70 30 50 150
4 Seminar Course – Based on Proposed Research work of M. Phil. 4 70 30 50 150
  Total 16   600
  Semester – II
Sr. No. Subject C E M I V TM
1 Dissertation 8 100 200 300
  Total  8   300

Abbreviations: C= Credits, E= University External Exams Marks, M= Mid Term Marks, I= Internal Marks (CEC), V= Viva Voce Marks, TM= Total Marks

9.5 For the award of the degree, a student has to earn 24 credits specified in the curriculum.

9.6 The medium of teaching, examination and the language of the dissertation shall be in English only.  

  1. Passing Criteria

10.1 The minimum marks for passing the examination (regular & remedial) for each semester shall be 55% in each component for each subject of the theory papers in semester-I and for dissertation in semester-II.

10.2 A candidate will be promoted to second semester if he/she appears in all the subjects of First Semester (university exam) irrespective of the result of the semester. If a candidate remains absent in any of the subject/s then he/she is not allowed to carry out his/her dissertation work in the second semester.

10.3 A candidate is eligible for award of degree if he/she has cleared the entire course offered within the stipulated time.

  1. Fees Structure (in INR)

11.1 Fees for Application form for M. Phil. will be ` 1200 for General Category candidates and ` 1000 for Reserved Category candidates. Those who successfully submit application form along with necessary documents are eligible to appear in Entrance Test and Personal Interview/Viva Voce.

11.2 Total Tuition fees for entire course will be ` 24,000 for General Category candidate and for reserved category candidate the fees would be ` 20,000.

11.3 All other fees i.e. Enrollment Fees, library Fees, Exam fees, Rechecking Fees, Reassessment Fees, Degree Certificate Fees, Alumni Fees etc. would remain same as per fees charged by University for Ph. D. program

  1. Attendance

75% attendance of the total number of sessions conducted in each semester during his/her course of study is mandatory for all the scholars. Any student not complying with this requirement will not be allowed to appear in the term end examination.

  1. Evaluation

The examination and evaluation for the M.Phil. Programme will be done by the faculty members of the Graduate School of Management Studies – GTU, Industrialists and other academicians will be invited as external examiners if needed.

  1. Evaluation Criteria:

Except Dissertation, all other theory subjects will have three components. Term End Exam (E), Mid Term Evaluation (M) and Continuous Evaluation Component (I). University exam paper for each subject will carry 70 marks questions for ‘Term End Examination’ (E). The duration of written examination for each paper shall be of 3 hours. Mid Term Evaluation carries 30 Marks and CEC carries 50 Marks. At the time of conversion of marks into grades all three components would be taken into consideration.

  1. Award of Grades:

Award of Grades would remain same as per the Master of Business Administration (MBA) course offered by GTU. Calculation of SPI, CPI and Conversion of obtained marks into grades would remain same as per MBA course offered by GTU.

  1. Evaluation of Dissertation:

16.1 For final completion of M. Phil Programme a dissertation based on the research studies will have to be submitted at the end of second semester and the same will be evaluated by external and internal examiner.

16.2 Prior to the submission of the dissertation, the scholar shall make a presentation in the department/school before the panel of the Graduate School of Management Studies which shall also be open to all faculty members and other research scholars. The feedback and comments obtained from them may be suitably incorporated into the draft dissertation in consultation with the supervisor of the scholar.

16.3 16.3 M. Phil. Scholar must present at least one research paper in a conference/seminar before the submission of the dissertation. The candidate has to produce evidence for the same and has to attach a copy of the certificate of conference & a copy of the paper in the dissertation.

16.4 Each candidate has to attach Plagiarism certificate in the dissertation and the acceptable limit of the Plagiarism is as decided by GTU/UGC time by time. Each dissertation shall have an undertaking from the research scholar and a certificate from the Research Supervisor attesting the originality of the work, vouching that the plagiarism is within the limit and that the work has not been submitted for the award of any other degree/diploma of the same Institute where the work was carried out or to any other institution.

16.5 This dissertation will be evaluated for 300 marks, out of which 200 marks will be based on report writing as well as performance during Viva Voce (evaluation by external examiner) and 100 marks (evaluation by supervisor) will be based on preparation of dissertation and implementation of suggestions given by supervisor of the scholar.

  1. Award of Degree

At the successful completion of all theory subjects in Semester-1 and dissertation in Semester-2 within the span of the course, the candidate will be awarded a degree of M. Phil. in Business Management by Gujarat Technological University.

  1. Relaxation in Ph. D. Course work and total duration for Ph. D.

The candidate who have successfully completed M. Phil. from GTU and wants to pursue Ph. D. from GTU will be exempted from entrance exam, course work and one DPC review of the Ph. D. Program. The total duration of the part time Ph. D. program will also be reduced to three years instead of four years. So, the candidate who has successfully completed M. Phil. in Business Management from GTU and joins Ph. D. from GTU may submit his/her Synopsis and Thesis after 6 successful DPC reviews. The candidate may extend the M. Phil. topic with wider scope or may carry out his Ph. D. work on new topic. The candidate will be allotted supervisor depending upon the seats available with registered supervisors of GTU. The candidate should note that other requirements of Ph. D. (RDC review, Synopsis submission guidelines, Thesis submission guidelines, Fees Payment, etc. would remain same as for any other Ph. D. candidate.

  1.   Stipend to M. Phil. Scholar

It is proposed to provide stipend to full time M. Phil. scholar as per following criteria

20.1 Stipend of INR 8000 per month will be given for maximum four months in the second semester (during the period of dissertation i.e. January to April) subject to the condition that the candidate passes all four theory subjects of the first semester in the first attempt.

20.2 The Scholar must submit the dissertation within the stipulated time for the evaluation in the second semester.

  1. Program Coordinator:

For further information about admission and other related matter interested candidates may contact Dr. Kaushal Bhatt: kaushal.bhatt@gtu.edu.in