Media Committee

The role of Media committee is to foster community relations with external stakeholders through several media relation activities. It accomplishes this through its regular corporate newsletters, engagement with the print media and by facilitating institute’s online presence across various platforms. The Media committee manages internal communication by reporting events, happenings and achievements to the administration, faculty and student community.

Media committee is into developing the Public Relations – through the use of numerous platforms- From the most prevalent means of communication, newspapers and news channels, to the Internet via social networking sites

The Media Committee takes up the responsibility of managing the Presence of GSMS on the various webpages like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and many other pages. The very first platforms where willing candidates get in touch with GSMS.

At the Institute level, we cover all the events organised by the different clubs of the institute, the several achievements of the students, etc. We spread this news among the students and faculty, through social media platform.

The committee is responsible for extensive coverage of all college events. It sends press releases to print and digital media, and posts updates on social media about all campus activities, blood donation camps, entrepreneur meets and student achievements and institute performance.