GTU has started working on ‘Monitoring for Good Governance’, which helps us to determine how well the governance system is working. It has initiated studies in the field of Governance System in Businesses, Industries, Universities, Hospitals, NGOs and Government organization. The study helps organizations to improve their working through new policies or modifying existing policies and protocols. It can also help in creating or modifying management structure. The GTU Post-graduate Research Centres are designed to work as examples of good and relevant research. The Centres establishes active linkages with the industry and research institutions in India and abroad which publishes excellent research as well.

Conferences organized by CGS:

Sr. No.DateConference NameReport
116th & 17th February 2018ICGS-2018: 5th International Conference on Corporate Governance: Governance in Indian Financial Services Sector: Reforms & Remedies
22nd & 3rd September 2016ICGS- 2016: 4th International Conference on Governance in E-Commerce: Contemporary Issues & Challenges
325th & 26th April 2015ICGS- 2015: 3rd International Conference on Gujarat Model of Governance: Lessons and Future Scope
414th & 15th March 2014ICGS-2014: 2nd International Conference on Corporate Governance: Contemporary Issues & Challenges in Indian Economic Environment
5April 20131st International Conference on Good Governance: Emerging Issues, Principles, Policies & Practices in Governments, Businesses & Services, Corporations, Universities, Co-operative Societies, Hospital & NGOs