Sports Committee


Management is doing things right by people for people and to people; leadership is doing the right things with right sportsman spirit.


It requires discipline, assertiveness, ability to work as a team and a willingness to compete without fear of failure with morals and ethics. Playing any kind of sport brings out the leader in students. The Sports Committee takes pride in developing these traits in the future managers of GSMS.  It grinds and strives daily to develop a vibrant sporting culture in the institute.


The Sports Committee at GSMS provides opportunities for students to play, practice and participate in various sports events within and outside the B-school. Our aim is to bring out the passion and foster a sense of team spirit, and competitiveness in the Management students. The events not only help reveal new talent on the campus but also in inculcating the importance of sportsmanship, teamwork and hard-work in the students. Cultural Committee. GSMS host Sports event Arohan successfully every year in collaboration with two other PG schools of GTU where various sports events and tournaments are organized for the students.