Introduction Traditional marketing methods alone are not enough in current marketing world. Organizations have started shifting to tools and techniques of Digital marketing from traditional tools. Digital Marketing is not only a rapidly growing force in the current marketing playing field, it is set to be the future of marketing, and it seems likely that digital media will soon replace more traditional forms altogether. As the digital economy experiences major growth, the demand for skilled digital professionals is significant and growing. In addition, those businesses that fail to adapt to this new marketing climate are at great risk of going extinct sooner rather than later.Thus, in recent scenario, there is a greater need of understanding the various elements of Digital marketing and there are very few sources / opportunities available for someone who is interested in learning this emerging field. Recognizing the current trend of Digital Marketing globally, GTU is introducing post Graduate Diploma in Digital Marketing under its PG Research centre for Marketing Excellence, Graduate School of Management Studies.

Program Highlights

    1. Any Eligible Graduate can opt for the post Graduate Diploma in Digital Marketing.
    2. Course Duration: 1 year (Divided into three semesters).
    3. The Regular MBA students of GTU can also opt as additional post graduate diploma Course.
    4. The course will be offered through contact classes and E-mode with the Interaction Session for the subject guidance.
    5. The course material will be available online on the course portal and will be provided during contact classes to all the students.
    5. The student has to study 7 subjects and prepare a project during the span of course.

Who can Join?

    1. GTU regular MBA student to get certified in Digital Marketing field.
    2. Aspirants from Foreign Countries having bachelor degree or equivalent qualification.
    3. Aspirants from India having bachelor degree of any stream.
    4. Aspirants having MBA / MCA/ ME / M. Pharm degree and willing to acquire the additional knowledge of Digital Marketing.
    5. Working executives from the businesses operating/intending to operate through Electronic mode having graduation degree.

Tuition Fees The tuition fees for candidates of Indian Nationality is INR 20,000 for entire program. The tuition fees for International candidates is $ 1200.

Course Delivery

    1.The course shall be delivered through contact classes and E-mode platform. The course content will be available in the form of study material, presentations, video and pre-recorded lectures and lectures.
    2. Student may also request for the online interaction/contact classes for interaction with concerned faculty for resolving the learning difficulties in weekends.

Duration of the Course The total duration of the course of the 1 year including practical assignment.

Teaching Methodology

    1.The delivery of the course shall be through contact class at campus and E-mode.
    2. The students will be provided the Log-In ID and Password for the e-learning platform of GTU. The course content will be available in form of study material, presentations, video and pre-recorded lectures.
    3. Student may also request for the online interaction with concerned faculty through skype/google hangout for resolving the learning difficulties by taking prior appointment.

Subjects Covered In PGDDM

      Fundamentals of Digital Marketing
      Search Engine Optimization
      Content and E-mail Marketing
      Search Engine Marketingg
      Social Media Marketingg
      Web Analyticsg
      Seminar Course

Program Coordinator For further information of the program interested candidates may contact Dr. Krishnaba Vaghela:

L=Lectures,T=Tutorial,P=Practical,E=Theory External,M=Theory Internal,I=Practical Internal,V=Practical External
Subject CodeBranch CodeSubject NameCategorySemLTPCreditEMIVTotal Marks
151750175Fundamentals of Digital MarketingCompulsory Subject13003700300100
151750275Search Engine OptimizationCompulsory Subject13003700300100
151750375Content and E-mail MarketingCompulsory Subject13003700300100
152750175Search Engine MarketingCompulsory Subject23003700300100
152750275Social Media MarketingCompulsory Subject23003700300100
152750375Web AnalyticsCompulsory Subject23003700300100
153750175Seminar CourseCompulsory Subject30033000100100
153750275ProjectCompulsory Subject30033000100100


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