Skill Councils

The primary objective of educational institutions is to lead to effective growth and development of students. After the completion of their education, they should turn out to be effectual citizens of the country and render useful and valuable contribution towards the achievement of personal and professional goals. Hence, to fulfil the desired goals and objectives, it is crucial to impart various skills to students. In educational institutions, apart from making provision of academic knowledge among students, it is vital for the educators to impart various skills among students as well. In order to impart skills, it is necessary to make provision of theoretical as well as practical knowledge. The opportunities should be made available for the students that would enable them to enrich their management and other skills through various certification courses and activity at the GSMS for Management aspirants. Skill council is initiated at GSMS to fulfil the gap of skill based knowledge along with subjective knowledge.
Development and employability of student, GSMS has established the Skill Council.