Finance Club


Finance club is a forum of likeminded enthusiasts willing to make their career in the high world of finance, and to bolster their knowledge continuously and share their knowledge with all the students who are interested in making their career in finance.


The GSMS Finance Club is a group of students -led organization designed to serve as a linkage between the MBA program and the finance community. It is a great opportunity to learn more about potential career paths in finance and network with finance professionals, alumni, and fellow students having same interest.


In this club students create an atmosphere of learning to create successful finance professionals and help each other to gain knowledge of finance industry. This club is fostering an environment of discovery of recent trends and developments in the field of finance.

Date of EventParticularReport
28-05-2024One Day “Workshop on Data Analysis through Software” by Dr. Ashok Bantwa
03-05-2024An expert session on “Working Capital & Inventory Management” for MBA semester 2 students conducted by Dr.Ismail Bootwala.
28-03-2024 Expert Session on Decision Making in Management Accounting
16-03-2024Expert Session on
Accounting for Debenture
09-02-2024Report on An Expert Session on Time Value of Money
30-12-2023An Expert Session on Tips for Technical Analysis By Mr. Ravi Bhatt
23-12-2023An Expert Session on CAPM Model and Portfolio Management By Dr. Priyanka Bhatt
22-12-2023Report on “Industrial Visit at Bombay Stock Exchange”
16-12-2023Report on Changing Scenario of World Economy and Effects of Exchange Rates on Businesses
06-11-2023An Expert Session on Trading Strategies by Mr. Gaurav Aggarwal
19-10-2023An Expert Session on Investment Banking by Dr. Satyendra Kumar
22-09-2023An Expert Session on Finance Awareness for Students by Bharat Shastra 2023