CGBS is one of the PG research centres of GTU which promotes the research work in field of business management and facilitates the foreign study programs across the branches. The main focus of “Centre for Global Business Studies” is to discover opportunities for doing business in seven regional markets, namely: North America, Europe, South America, Middle East, Africa, Central Asia, East Asia and Pacific Countries.

CGBS believes that in today’s scenario every student must get the knowledge about the humanity, geography and business environment of other countries and thus, the Centre empowers the students and faculties to explore the new heights in Global Research. The Centre is proved as a valuable tool to Industries of Gujarat, as it helps the industries to find and explore the untapped opportunities in Global Business.

Mission of CGBS

  • Attracting scholars who are global leader in their fields.
  • Internationalization of faculty and students through MOUs with foreign universities
  • Achieve the Leadership in academic research and teaching in global business studies
  • Creating an eco-system for innovation – leveraging academic and industrial research for global business studies

Centre for Global Business Studies, GTU is recognized by Limca Book of Records

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Activities under CGBS:

  • Organizing National / international Conferences
  • Designing Faculty Development Programs
  • Conducting Seminars/ Workshops
  • Best Project Presentation Competitions for students (Country Study)
  • National Day Celebration (NDC) for Countries of Study
  • Initiating research activities / preparing research reports for industry

A. Celebration of National / Independence Days

CGBS has started a unique and one of its kind activities called National Day Celebration (NDC) at university campus with the objective of making the GCSR program more efficient and interesting. Under this exclusive program, National Days of 82 countries have been celebrated from August 2013 to June 2016.

Following are some key objectives of the National Day Celebration:

  • To enhance the overall involvement of the students with the selected GCSR country.
  • To strengthen the network among students, professors and other stakeholders with the selected country
  • To demonstrate and uphold the national pride and fellowship
  • To discuss the environmental factors for exploring the business opportunities with the Selected GCSR Country
  • To discuss the environmental factors for exploring the business opportunities with the Selected GCSR Country

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B. International Conference organized by CGBS

International Conference organized by Gujarat Technological University-India jointly with University of Wismar- Germany, Steinbeis University-Germany & Shijiazhuang University of Economics- China on 24th to 26th February 2016 at GTU Chandkheda Campus

Sr. No.PerticularReport
1International Conference organized by CGBS

C. Afro – Asian Conclave

Sr. No.DatePerticularReport
117/07/20153rd Conclave on Afro-Asian Countries
219/07/20142nd Afro – Asian Conclave organized by Centre for Global Business Studies (CGBS), GTU
319/05/2013Workshop on the Studies of African and Asian Countries

D. Workshops and Seminars

Sr. No.DatePerticularReport
109/04/2016Industry Pain Points And Solutions
221/02/2015 Workshops on Computer Based Business
Simulation Software
325/06/2014One Day Seminar On International Trade
GCSR Country Allocation For The Academic Year 2014-15

E. Other Reports:

Sr. No.ParticularReport
1South Korea in a nutshell: CGBS launches country study report
2Australia at a Glance: Education in focus
3Ceramics in Sri Lanka: Opening doors
4Ceramics prospects in Saudi Arabia
5Ceramic tiles: Global Scenario