Introduction Gujarat Technological University’ Graduate School of Management Studies (GSMS) along with GIC (GTU Innovation Council) are introducing one of it’s kind of PG course MBA (Innovation, Entrepreneurship and Venture development)to fulfill your knowledge requirement to become established entrepreneur from Academic year 2019-20. AICTE has given permission to run MBA (IEV) program to only four institutes in entire India and only institute in Gujarat. MBA (Innovation, Entrepreneurship and Venture development) is result of intense efforts done by AICTE to respond the need of knowledge base creation for effective startup Ecosystem which would be delivered in association with GIC, SSIP, AIC-GTU, DIC and GISC-TBI.


Program Highlights

    1. Any Eligible Graduate can opt for the MBA(IEV).
    2. Course Duration: 2 year 
    • 3. The course will be offered through contact classes and E-mode with the Interaction Session for the subject guidance.


    4. The course material will be available online on the course portal and will be provided during contact classes to all the students.


Key Features

    1. Admissions through Idea Screening.
    2. Non-commercial state Government University run Institute.
    3. Flexible MBA Programme.
    4. Support and Learning in strong presence of GIC incubator.
    5. Classroom teaching along with Action based Learning.
    6. Classroom teaching by acknowledged , experienced and startup ecosystem experts

Admission Process All India Council for Technical Education (AICTE), New Delhi takes the entrance exam every year. The candidate who clear the exam will has to present their Idea in front of the expert panel and finally merit will be prepared and the candidate can be enrolled in the program.

Approved Intake The approved intake of this Program is 30.

Fees Structure The tuition fees for MBA (IEV) is INR 13,125/- per semester.

Hostel Facility Gujarat Technological University has excellent facility of separate hostel for Boys and Girls within the Campus at Chandkheda, Ahmedabad. In house cooking/mess facility is also available in the hostel.

Program Coordinator For more information related to admission or any other matter, the interested candidate may contact Mr. Tushar Panchal :

L=Lectures,T=Tutorial,P=Practical,E=Theory External,M=Theory Internal,I=Practical Internal,V=Practical External
Subject CodeBranch CodeSubject NameCategorySemLTPCreditEMIVTotal Marks
151940294Crafting Value PropositionCompulsory Subject120025020300100
151940394Research MethodsCompulsory Subject120025020300100
151940494Business Modelling & ValidationCompulsory Subject120025020300100
151940594Start-up Financing & EconomicsCompulsory Subject120025020300100
151940694Product Market Fit
Compulsory Subject120025020300100
151940794Start-up Laws & IPRCompulsory Subject120025020300100
151940894General Management for EntrepreneursCompulsory Subject120025020300100
151942194Skill Certification - 1Compulsory Subject10022003070100
151942294Skill Certification - 2Compulsory Subject10022003070100
151943194Capstone Project - 1Compulsory Subject100440060140200
151943294Capstone Project - 2Compulsory Subject100440060140200
152940294Start-up Human ResourcesCompulsory Subject220025020300100
152940394Lean Sales StrategiesCompulsory Subject220025020300100
152940494Social EntrepreneurshipCompulsory Subject220025020300100
152942194Skill Certification - 3Compulsory Subject20022003070100
152943194Capstone Project - 3Compulsory Subject200440060140200
152944194Action Learning Segment - 1Compulsory Subject200141400200500700
153940294Startup Scalability (Growth Strategies)Compulsory Subject320025020300100
153940394Branding & Channel StrategiesCompulsory Subject320025020300100
153940494Leveraging Tools for StartupsCompulsory Subject320025020300100
153940594Legal Aspects in StartupsCompulsory Subject320025020300100
153940694Entrepreneurial LeadershipCompulsory Subject320025020300100
153941194Technology AcquisitionElective Group 1(Any two from this group)320025020300100
153941294Venture FinancingElective Group 1(Any two from this group)320025020300100
153941394Project Management for EntrepreneursElective Group 1(Any two from this group)320025020300100
153941494Global EntrepreneurshipElective Group 2(Any two from this group)320025020300100
153941594Buying Selling a Small BusinessElective Group 2(Any two from this group)320025020300100
153941694Digital MarketingElective Group 2(Any two from this group)320025020300100
153942194Skill Certification - 4Compulsory Subject30022003070100
153942294Skill Certification - 5Compulsory Subject30022003070100
154942194Skill Certification - 6Compulsory Subject400440060140200
154944194Action Learning Segment - 2Compulsory Subject4002020003007001000


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