MBA (International Business)


Introduction “On current trends, it is estimated that by 2030, Asia’s economy will be larger than that of the United States and European Union combined with the region’s share of world GDP swelling from a little under 30 percent closer to more than 40 percent. Twenty years from now, Asia’s economy as a whole will, on these trends, be larger than that of the G-7 [Group of Seven leading economies] and will be half the size of the G-20 [Group of Twenty advanced and emerging market economies], These are incredible trends taking place.” - Anoop Singh, Chief- IMF Asia. In the Global MBA program of GTU, the students will get international orientation in content of each course. The School will also work for creating a platform to encourage the business communities in India and the rest of the world to actively participate and explore the opportunities in bilateral trade. Looking at the increasing connectivity of GTU with various foreign Universities as well as the fact that Gujarat is the most advanced state of India, it is expected that each MBA student will study the ecosystem of doing and managing businesses in India as well as other country of the world. The focus of MBA (International Business) program is to discover opportunities for doing business as a manager or an entrepreneur in seven regional markets, namely: North America, Europe, South America, Middle East, Africa, Central Asia, East Asia and Pacific Countries. The course is a valuable tool for Industries and businesses of Gujarat as it can help them find and explore the untapped opportunities in Global Business.


Objectives of the Course

    1. To make aware the management students a globally competitive business environment.
    2. To impart the knowledge of international business among management students.
    3. To understand the cross-cultural diversity in implementing sound business policies and creating the knowledge economy for international business.
    4. To enhance the skills to International trade.
    5. To develop the higher order thinking skills among scholars to meet global competitiveness.

Who should Join? The student who wants to make a career in International Business/ who wishes to showcase their abilities and talent in a professional way at the Global level/ who wishes to get exposure in Multinational Corporations/ Interested in Globetrotting and International Cuisine.

Salient features of MBA (International Business)

    1. AICTE approved unique MBA program offered only by GSMS in entire Gujarat.
    2. Direct admission to Post Graduate School of State University through Admission Committee for Professional Courses (ACPC).
    3. All subjects with Global Business Orientation.
    4. Highly experienced Faculty Members with Doctorate Degree.
    5. Opportunity to carry out Summer Internship at Germany/Bulgaria.
    6. Access to well-equipped library and e-resources.
    7. Benefit of GTU’s collaborations with National and International Organization for Academic /Research/ Industrial Tie-ups for Placements and Field Assignments.
    8. Most Economical fees of INR 26,250 per year.
    9. Prime location between the twin city of Ahmedabad and Gandhinagar.

Program Fees The Program Fees of MBA (IB) is INR 13,125/- per semester which is approved by FRC (Fee Regulatory Committee) of Government of Gujarat.

Course Duration The duration of the course is of 2 Years which is further divided into four semesters.

Admission Procedure The admission to this program is done through Admission Committee for Professional Courses (ACPC), Government of Gujarat based on the merit of the candidates in CMAT and marks scored at Under Graduate level.

Contact Information Graduate School of Management Studies, Shed-IV, Gujarat Technological University, Sabarmati-Koba Highway, Nr. Visit Three Roads, Chandkheda, Ahmedabad-382424. Contact No. 079-23267534/541 E-mail:

L=Lectures,T=Tutorial,P=Practical,E=Theory External,M=Theory Internal,I=Practical Internal,V=Practical External
Subject CodeBranch CodeSubject NameCategorySemLTPCreditEMIVTotal Marks
151930193 International Accounting PracticesCompulsory Subject140047030500150
151930293Business Communications & EtiquettesCompulsory Subject140047030500150
151930393International Economic EnvironmentCompulsory Subject140047030500150
151930493Cross Continent Business PhilosophiesCompulsory Subject140047030500150
151930593International BusinessCompulsory Subject140047030500150
151930693Multicultural Organizational BehaviorCompulsory Subject140047030500150
151930793Information Technology and Global BusinessCompulsory Subject140047030500150
152930393Global Operations ManagementCompulsory Subject240047030500150
152930493Managing Human ResourceCompulsory Subject240047030500150
12930593International Trade EnvironmentCompulsory Subject240047030500150
152930693Marketing ManagementCompulsory Subject240047030500150
152930793Country Study & Foreign Language-1Compulsory Subject200440305070150
153930193Country Study & Foreign Language-2Compulsory Subject3004403050120200
153930293Global Strategic ManagementCompulsory Subject340047030500150
153930393Export Import Management-ICompulsory Subject340047030500150
153930493Global Supply Chain & Logistic ManagementCompulsory Subject340047030500150
153931193Global Perspectives on Consumer BehaviourSpecialization-Marketing340047030500150
153931293Global Marketing & CommunicationSpecialization-Marketing340047030500150
153932193Global Financial ManagementSpecialization-Finance340047030500150
153932293International Investment & Portfolio ManagementSpecialization-Finance340047030500150
153933193International Human Resource ManagementSpecialization-HRM340047030500150
153933293Human Resource Planning & DevelopmentSpecialization-HRM340047030500150
153934193Investment BankingElective (Any One)340047030500150
153934293Digital MarketingElective (Any One)340047030500150
153934393E-commerceElective (Any One)340047030500150
153934493Entreprise Resource PlanningElective (Any One)340047030500150
153934593HR MetricsElective (Any One)340047030500150
153934693Behavioral FinanceElective (Any One)340047030500150
154930193Export Import Management-IICompulsory Subject440047030500150
154930293Business AnalyticsCompulsory Subject440047030500150
154931193Global BrandingSpecialization-Marketing440047030500150
154932193Mergers & AcquisitionsSpecialization-Finance440047030500150
154933193Global LeadershipSpecialization-HRM440047030500150
154934193International Marketing ResearchElective (Any One)440047030500150
154934293Forex ManagementElective (Any One)440047030500150
154934393Global Knowledge ManagementElective (Any One)440047030500150
154934493EntrepreneurshipElective (Any One)440047030500150
154934593Business Ethics and Corporate GovernanceElective (Any One)440047030500150


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